Port Saint Lucie Crazy Quilters
Welcome!  Site updated on 10/30/2014

Dear Fellow Quilters

Welcome to November! It’s time for turkey, pumpkin pie, the Macy’s Parade and football!!!

Our first meeting is on the 5th at noon. To start this meeting off we will be holding our bi-annual elections. You must be present to vote. We will also be celebrating November birthdays. The fat quarter is Thanksgiving prints. Cathy Landon will also be collecting money for the Christmas party on December 3rd. The cost is $10.00.

Tuesday, November 11th is Veteran’s Day. Be sure to thank a veteran for their service and our freedom!

Barbara Lacey and her boutique committee will be holding their next boutique sew-in on Wednesday, November 12th at 9:30. Details will be given at the meeting on the 5th.

November 19th will be our board and business meeting. The fat quarter is landscapes. This will also be the deadline to sign-up for the Christmas party.

A huge thank-you to Cathy Landon, our out-going Philanthropy chair. Her last sew-in as chair was on October 22nd. We made dozens of chemo caps. Thank you to all who came to sew with us and who took kits home. Cathy has worked tirelessly in this position the last 4 years and done an amazing job! Many thanks, also, to Jeanne Schlough for cutting all those chemo-cap kits.

There will be no workshops or sew-ins on the 26th.

I want to wish each of you a memorable, safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Sewing!


Member News:

"The Thing with Feathers" by Karen Marchetti wins Honorable Mention at MQX Quilt Festivals-Midwest in Springfield, IL (9/2014)
 "Outta the Loop" by Eyvonne Smith and Karen Marchetti wins 1st Place Wall Computer-Aided at AQS Charlotte (7/2014)
"The Thing with Feathers" by Karen Marchetti wins Honorable Mention at Quilt Odyssey, Hershey, PA (7/2014)
"Down the Rabbit Hole" by Karen Marchetti has been selected as a finalist at IQA's Fall Festival in Houston, TX
 "Outta the Loop" by Eyvonne Smith and Karen Marchetti wins 3rd Place Novelty Custom at HMQS, Salt Lake City, UT (5/2014)
 "Pass the Fruitcake" by Karen Marchetti wins 3rd Place Edge-to-Edge Hand Guided at MQX New England (4/2014)
"The Thing with Feathers" by Karen Marchetti wins 2nd Place Theme at Machine Quilters Showcase (MQS) (4/2014)
Watch Karen Marchetti on The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky, Episode 1406 (membership required)
Check out a slideshow of some of Karen Marchetti's quilts, recently featured on the Daily Blog (The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky)
Check out Karen Marchetti's "Oliver", recently featured in a digital magazine by The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky
 "Stuart-100 Year Anniversary" by Natalie Carlton wins 2nd Place at Mancuso - World Quilt Show FL, West Palm Beach, FL (1/2014)
"Outta the Loop" by Eyvonne Smith and Karen Marchetti wins Judges Choice (Jennie Rayment) at Mancuso - World Quilt Show FL, West Palm Beach, FL (1/2014)
"Flies and Weeds" by Karen Marchetti wins Judges Choice (Bobbie Bergquist) at Mancuso - World Quilt Show FL,  West Palm Beach, FL (1/2014)
Congratulations to Theresa Olson and Karen Marchetti -- one of Theresa's quilts (Vintage Valentine) and one of Karen's (True Colors) have been selected to be part of a special exhibit at IQA's new show   in Portland, Oregon entitled, "Quilt, Knit, Stitch".
"Faces" by Natalie Carlton wins Honorable Mention at IQA's Fall Festival in Houston, TX -- Congratulations!!
"Outta the Loop" by Eyvonne Smith and Karen Marchetti has been selected as a finalist at IQA's Fall Festival in Houston, TX
"Faces" by Natalie Carlton has been selected as a finalist at IQA's Fall Festival in Houston, TX
"Twenty and Counting" by Sharon Hendrix has been selected as a semi-finalist in AQS-Grand Rapids
"Lavender Bouquet" by Cathy Landon has been selected as a semi-finalist in AQS-Grand Rapids
"Bend" by Karen Marchetti has been selected as a semi-finalist in AQS-Grand Rapids
"Lavender Bouquet" by Cathy Landon wins Honorable Mention at NQA in Columbus, OH
"Sampler Surprise" by Theresa Olson wins Judges Recognition at NQA in Columbus, OH

Meetings are held at:
St Andrew Lutheran Church
 -Fellowship Hall-
295 NW Prima Vista Blvd.
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34983

General Meeting:
1st & 3rd Wednesday - 12:00-3:00 pm

2nd & 4th Wednesday - Time TBA

Board Meetings:

3rd Wednesday - 10:30 am

President: Felice Gokey
1st Vice President: Linda Smiley
2nd Vice President: Nancy Smith
Secretary: Lori Carr
Treasurer: Florence Hauser

Want to Join?
Print out our New Member form and bring it with you to your first meeting.

Contact Us:

We would love to hear from you!  Please email us with any comments and/or concerns.

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Member Info:

If you have an announcement you would like to appear on the website, please e-mail the webmaster with the information, after any necessary approval, the information will be posted in the appropriate area.

The four Patriotic Quilts that were made from the Red, White, and Blue Challenge Blocks have been donated to the Disabled American Veterans, the American Legion, the Korean War Veterans, and the Marine Corp League. The groups plan to use them as Raffle Quilts for fundraisers. A BIG THANKS to everyone that participated!

We have listed our club with the Quilting Gallery.  The Quilting Gallery is a community web site dedicated to inspiring quilters' creativity, sharing ideas, making connections and having fun. It includes the Quilting Bloggers directory with more than 5,000 members from 75 countries; the Quilt Shop Locator - a unique map-based directory of quilt shops, online retailers and other quilting professionals throughout the world; Quilter's Market features quilting-related products; a map-based directory of Quilt Guilds; and the Quilting Gallery Blog with free patterns, tutorials, swaps, guest bloggers, weekly contests and quilting events. Visit: http://quiltinggallery.com/ when you have a chance and check it out tons of information!

Committee Chairs:
Parliamentarian: Gerri Barnes
Member-at-Large: Eyvonne Smith
Membership: Linda Smiley
Programs: Nancy Smith / Mary Lee Garrant
Fat Quarters: Lori Hassing / Bobbi Bronson
Birthdays: Gail Zorr / Linda Carino / Betty Holeva
Sunshine & Shadows: Nancy Parsons
Philanthropy: Cathy Landon / Dori Hawks
Webmaster: Karen Marchetti
50/50 Raffle: Gerri Coccia / Jan Marshall
Show & Tell:  Dori Hawks / Barbara Lacey
Photographer:  Theresa Olson
Travel Coordinator:  Toni Mucci / Sandy Decker

Past Presidents:
Sally Johnson 2009-2010
Susan Adams 2007-2008
Peggy Suchorski 2006-2007
Susan Adams 2005-2006
Dolly Lockley 2003-2004
Tina Setla 2001-2002
Pam Grossman 1999-2000
Bernice McCarthy 1997-1998
Peggy Armour 1995-1996
Dolores Knight 1994

Mission Statement: 
The purpose of our club is to promote interest, appreciation, enjoyment, and knowledge of quilting in every aspect as an art form and a craft; as well as to encourage high standards of technique and design along with preserving our quilt-making heritage and traditions. The club also assists our surrounding communities by utilizing the talents of our members with various ongoing charitable works and services. Membership is open to anyone who enjoys quilting, sewing, and fellowship!

Our History:
The Crazy Quilters Club was the brain child of Dolores Knight. She and Lorene Gruber formed the club when they met at Dolores' home with six other women as a daytime quilting group. "We will be the Crazy Quilters" they decided, and they voted on that name. Peggy Armour and Barbara Hill volunteered to find a permanent meeting place. They would meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, except for holidays. Attending the first meeting were: Dolores Knight, Lorene Gruber, Peggy Armour, Mary Schroeder, Jeanne Taxacher, Barbara Hill, Peggy VanCott, and Betty Wilson.

The second meeting was held at Lorene Gruber's home. They welcomed two new members that day: Andrea Wallman and Mary Wheeler. Peggy Armour reported the meetings would be held at the PSL Library. The members agreed that one meeting per month would be a program to share their diverse talents. The others would be for group projects. 

The first official meeting was January 12, 1994, with election of officers, collection of dues, and planning of future projects. Thirteen charter members attending were: Dolores Knight, Lorene Gruber, Doris Ingalls, Theresa Perry, Mary Wheeler, Peggy Armour, Peggy VanCott, Mary Schroeder, Barbara Hill, Jeanne Taxacher, Andrea Wallman, Betty Wilson, and Joan Anderson. 

Membership is limited to 100 persons who are Florida residents for at least six months of the year. Meetings are held every Wednesday. 

Club activities include community service, workshops, and demonstrations where quilting skills are perfected. We have a "Show & Tell" at meetings, where our members show off the beautiful quilts and other items they have made.  Quilt shows are held every two years.

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